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An introduction

Formed in 2006, the practice was founded on the unique experience, skills and passion for bridge design which Martin Knight has built up over more than eighteen years in leading architecture and engineering practice. The award-winning studio of 14 now comprises a skilled team with extensive experience and market-leading skills working on projects around the world, yet it remains true to its founding principles: that good design is vital and that memorable and beautiful solutions are based on a clear understanding of function, context, budget and time.

The practice believes that bridges are a very important component of both built and natural environment – highly visible forms that have a significant impact on their locality. The architectural approach to bridge design is complementary to that of the structural engineer. Context, composition, scale and function are juxtaposed with fundamental engineering demands for safety, efficiency, economy, durability and contractibility as the basis for lasting quality.

We work in harmony with clients and leading bridge engineers worldwide to create distinctive designs which serve communities, strengthen identity and generate value. Our projects are often in high-profile or sensitive locations and in the cultural and political spotlight, and we are skilled at creating appropriate, beautiful and contextual designs which blend architectural sensitivity, economy and engineering efficiency. By generating the design concept in a collaborative process with the structural engineer a project can truly benefit from the naturally suited skills of these closely related design disciplines.

Beautiful, efficient bridge design should satisfy both artistic and scientific analysis
to be visually legible and structurally truthful. Resolving the relationship between the two is the key to every project.

Knight Architects Sketch

View our work

  • Merchant Square Footbridge
  • Stratford Town Centre Link
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  • Stratford City, Bridge 20
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  • Stratford City
  • Lower Hatea Crossing
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  • A465- Heads of the Valleys
  • Kruunusillat
  • River Thames Footbridge
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  • Lilla Lidingöbron
  • A14 Footbridges
  • Connecting Link - Wienflussbrücke
  • Stratford City, Bridge 14
  • Erlenwäldlibrücke
  • Neue Donaubrücke
  • Ely Southern Bypass
  • Destructor Bridge
  • ESB Pylon
  • Prince Turki Al-Awwal Road Bridge
  • A82 Improvements
  • Standard Footbridge Programme
  • Outdoor Media Totem
  • Hale Wharf Footbridge
  • Stratford City Bridge 1
  • Forth Road Bridge Wind Barriers
  • Ruckholt Road Footbridge
  • Middle Rhine Bridge
  • Etihad Rail Bridge
  • A465- Heads of the Valleys, Gateway Arch
  • HS2 Canal & River Trust Crossings
  • Werratabrücke
  • Süderelbebrücke
  • Rheinbrücke
  • Forth Replacement Crossing
  • Abbey Bridge
  • Margaretengürtelbrücke
  • Arnulfparkbrücke
  • Gallions Reach
  • Great Western Mainline
  • A14 Viaduct
  • Midland Mainline
  • Regent’s Canal Bridge
  • Brückenschlag Darmstadt
  • Pont de Saint Barthelémy
  • Lochnagar Street Bridge
  • Merthyr Tydfil
  • Küstrin